My name is Sándor Szanyi, I am a versatile musician and educator hailing from the vibrant city of Budapest, Hungary.

My musical journey began at the age of six, when I first picked up the trumpet and began exploring the world of music theory. 

As a teenager, I was drawn to the sounds of the guitar and piano, and eagerly immersed myself in their intricacies.

In pursuit of honing my craft, I pursued formal education in jazz guitar and advanced music theory at the prestigious Erkel Ferenc Music School in Budapest during the early 2000s. It was here that I refined my skills and developed my own unique style, blending various genres and influences to create my signature sound.


Since then, I have dedicated my life to music, earning my livelihood as a professional musician, songwriter, and guitar instructor. Over the years, I have collaborated with a diverse array of bands, showcasing my versatility and adaptability to different musical styles. 

As a music educator, I have also had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and passion with students of all ages and backgrounds, both in-person and online. My teaching philosophy is rooted in nurturing individual creativity and expression, while imparting sound technical knowledge and skills. 

In 2009, I relocated to the Netherlands, where I continued to explore my musical potential and broaden my horizons. In addition to playing, writing, and teaching music, I delved into the world of music production, setting up a home studio complete with sound treating elements, professional gear, and extensive technical know-how. 

Today, I continue to create and innovate, constantly pushing the boundaries of my own creativity and inspiring others to do the same.