guitar lessons and coaching sessions for everyonE and from any level
in English, Dutch and Hungarian languages


i can teach you:

  • phrasing and soloing concepts
  • songwriting techniques 
  • arrangement and instrumentation skills 
  • how to play in a band 
  • how to record and mix your own songs 
  • general and advanced music theory 
  • how to use guitar effect pedals

To become a good guitar player, several factors are important: 

  • Practice: Consistent and deliberate practice is key to improving your skills on the guitar. Practice regularly and make sure you're practicing the right techniques. 
  • Knowledge of music theory: Having an understanding of music theory can help you better understand the guitar and the music you're playing. This includes knowing scales, chords, and how to read music. 
  • Listening skills: A good guitar player needs to have a good ear and be able to listen to music and pick up on the nuances of the song. This can help with improvisation and playing by ear. 
  • Technique: Having good technique is important for playing the guitar efficiently and effectively. This includes things like finger placement, strumming patterns, and picking technique. 
  • Passion and dedication: To become a good guitar player, you need to have a genuine passion for the instrument and be dedicated to improving your skills. This means putting in the time and effort to practice and learn as much as you can.